Behavioral Change

This challenge seeks innovative approaches to influencing and transforming consumer and business behaviors toward packaging waste. It’s about fostering a culture of responsibility and environmental consciousness.

As part of this challenge, pilot partners want to find effective ways to motivate and facilitate positive change in consumers’ and HoReCa channel recycling habits, helping them understand their vital role in the journey towards a more sustainable future. We encourage solutions that educate, encourage and make recycling a seamless part of everyday life.

Circular & Digital Packaging

 This challenge is focused on seeking pioneering ideas that integrate circular economy principles or digital technology to revolutionize packaging design and usage.

Imagine packaging materials that are not just recyclable but reusable, and connected to digital technologies that facilitate their journey in the circular economy. Your innovation could redefine how products are packaged, used, and recycled, paving the way toward a zero-waste packaging industry or having an alternative material to the currently in place.

Transparency & Traceability

The Transparency & Traceability challenge focuses on creating visible, traceable journeys for packaging materials.

By leveraging digital technologies, pilot partners aim to foster trust and accountability in the packaging waste management system. Innovative solutions could include smart labeling technologies, blockchain-based tracking systems or data platforms that provide real-time insights into the lifecycle of packaging materials.

It’s about creating a future where each piece of packaging can tell its own sustainability story.

Efficient & Low-Carbon Collecting Systems

This challenge invites innovations that optimize the collection of waste packaging.

With a focus on increasing efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, pilot partners are looking for innovative solutions that can transform waste collection logistics, such as route optimization technologies.

Advanced Sorting & Recycling Technologies

Through this challenge, pilot partners aim to revolutionize how packaging waste is sorted and recycled.

The program is calling for solutions that can increase the efficiency and accuracy of waste sorting, as well as technologies that can improve recycling processes to recover more materials of higher quality.

This could involve AI-powered sorting systems, breakthrough recycling technologies or innovative ways to handle hard-to-recycle packaging. Again, it’s about finding efficient ways to turn waste into a valuable resource.