Show Case Day

Welcome to re_source, the digital open innovation program by Sociedade Ponto Verde, focused on circular economy and digital disruption of packaging waste.

The Demo Day has now taken place and it was a huge success!

Program partners and innovators presented virtually the results of their collaboration over the past months.


Agenda in GMT timezone.

19 of November | Online Event

02:30 – 02:35 PM

Welcome & Introduction by Beta-i

02:35 – 02:43 PM

Resource Program Overview

02:43 – 03:13 PM

“A wakeup call for Sustainable Futures” (keynote and Q&A)

03:13 – 03:20 PM

Intelligent waste bins for smarter and funnier recycling

Recircula with Ovo Solutions, CM Mafra, and CM Cascais

03:20 – 03:27 PM

Recycling multilayer materials through delamination

FYCH with Nestlé and Tratolixo

03:27 – 03:32 PM

Magnetizable inks for enhanced recycling

Magnomer with Super Bock

03:32 – 03:37 PM

Tracking the lifecycle of reusable products

Reath with Sociedade Ponto Verde

03:37 – 03:42 PM

Enabling the circular packaging economy

Polytag with LIPOR

03:42 – 03:47 PM

Increasing the social and environmental impact of your community

My Resonance with Lusoforma and Lipor

03:47 – 03:51 PM

Closing Remarks

Ana Isabel Trigo Morais, CEO of Sociedade Ponto Verde

03:51 – 03:55 PM



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